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1. Do you have a digital client communication strategy for a post COVID-19 world?

2. If you don't, how will you retain your existing clients and be referred to new ones?

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Financial Advisers have revealed the greatest challenges they face to their profitability in 2021.

An on-line survey in November 2020 showed the greatest operational concern of almost half of the Financial Advisers surveyed was fewer new clients knocking on their virtual doors next year.

Adapting to greater remote working was identified as the second biggest operational challenge Financial Advisers face in 2021.

Updating IT processes to cope with the new normal way of working was seen as the greatest issue faced in the year ahead by one in five of the Financial Advisers polled.

This video features practicing UK Adviser Lee Gardner adapting to a post COVID-19 retention strategy.

Keith Richards, chief executive of the Personal Finance Society, said: “Financial Advisers have had to adapt to the new normal created by measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 at lightning speed.

“The pace of change shows no sign of slowing down in 2021 and will bring new business risks but also many opportunities to continue to rethink old ways of working, drive greater efficiencies and develop new methods of engaging with clients".

Link to the original article.

UK Adviser Lee Gardner from Gardner Financial Management using a digital strategy to achieve business growth.

Engage more with clients in less time

Since 2013, Feedsy has been helping time-poor Financial Planning businesses with client retention and referral opportunities. We help Financial Advisors regularly stay in contact with their clients by auto-publishing stories to blog pages, email newsletters, client testimonials, social media feeds and more.

Tony Beaven (BIFC) on how Feedsy helps Financial Planning practices and institutions create a digital client communication strategy

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