Show you care with Feedsy

Feedsy makes it easy for advisers by delivering content and automated communications to educate, empower and engage

Show you care with Feedsy

Feedsy makes it easy for advisers by delivering content and automated communications to educate, empower and engage

The world before Feedsy

Financial Advisers love giving great advice and with COVID-19 there has never before been a greater need. Recent research found that almost 60% of Advisers are engaging more than ever but over 50% feel that not communicating enough is a major issue for their business. Traditional methods of Advisers staying connected and reminding people that they are there to help is just too hard, clunky and time consuming.

Just some of the barriers getting in the way of Advisors providing great communication...

Not enough time

Not enough time

It takes too long creating and publishing ongoing communications with customers and prospects

Irregular contact

Irregular contact

Newsletters and social media become sporadic or get filed in the "too hard" basket

Nothing to share

Nothing to share

It's a struggle to find engaging content to share and most of it is directing traffic away from you

Unfriendly PDFs

Unfriendly PDFs

Old fashioned email newsletters use PDFs which are a disaster to share or view on mobiles

Engage more in less time with Feedsy

Since 2013, Feedsy have helped hundreds of time-poor advice businesses build relationships with regular communications that educate and engage their customers and prospects.

With Feedsy's automation, advisers save time by doing most of this on auto-pilot.

  • Content provided weekly
  • Automated monthly newsletters
  • Mobile friendly - no more PDFs!
  • Branded blog page
  • Add your own stories easily
  • Stuff to share on social media
  • Create email campaigns in minutes
  • Customer feedback surveys (coming soon)

Why Advisers love Feedsy

“Feedsy has been a fantastic time saver to my business. Newsletters are automated monthly, so if you don’t have time to input your own stories then Feedsy does it for you. Feedsy is automatic and looks great.”


Lyn Walker

Advice Link

Saving time to give more advice

Feedsy's automation enables financial advisers to spend less time on their marketing and communication and more on what they love doing most - giving great advice.

Keeping customers informed

Financial advisers provide value with Feedsy's banking, business, finance, investment, lifestyle and pension content which is both interesting and educational. Bonus engaging Inspirational Quotes, Fancy Data and TED Talks are also available.


“By using Feedsy my clients now get up to date, different and interesting communication which sets us apart from other planner groups.”


Matt Scanlon

Hillross FIancial Services, Midlands

“Our monthly email went out this morning … and I’ve just got off the phone from Norm, a sprightly 81 year old, who wanted to discuss Shane Oliver’s latest article – and a Roger Montgomery grab that I’d uploaded”


Tom Ryan

Financial Springs

Showing customers you care

Customers value and welcome the content delivered through Feedsy's personalised email newsletters sent directly from the financial advisers.


Unlocking opportunities

Advice professionals remind their customers and prospects that they are there to help by keeping their brand welcome in inboxes with Feedsy newsletters every month.


“The monthly emails keep my practice front and centre when insurance is considered or thought about. The ongoing communication ensures my clients know that I am there for them when they need me.”


Mike Hogan

Hogan Insurance Solutions

“Just a great service that adds benefit to both us and our customers with little to no extra load on our time”

Mark Stephenson

Mark Stephenson


Fueling social media engagement

Feedsy's weekly fresh content means financial advisers have plenty to share and talk about on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by personal email. Inspirational quotes, Fancy Data and TED Talks are great for Facebook!


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